Podcast: How to write your way to freedom

On 19th April 2013, I spoke at the Who Needs Copywriters? conference, organised by the UK Speechwriters’ Guild and copywriting agency A Thousand Monkeys.

My topic was the first real ‘killer copywriter’ – the murderer Louis Victor Eytinge, who wrote his way to freedom from his prison cell. This bloke was coining $5,000 per year during the early 20th Century while doing a life stretch. His story is truly astonishing.

If you’d like to hear how he bust out of prison with nothing more than good ideas and a typewriter, listen to the podcast here.

And if you’d like to hear some of the talks given on the same day by talented writers like Andy Maslen, Roger Horberry, Andy York, David Levin and many others, follow this link.

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