Long copy ad: How to Create Sales Letters that Sell

How many enthusiasms is it possible to cram into one advert? Long copy, copywriting history, a format that pays homage to David Ogilvy and a ripping yarn about killer-turned-copywriter Louis Victor Eytinge.

Inspired by an earlier advert that won us plenty of business — ‘How to create a website that sells‘ — this one gives you 15 great tips for writing sales letters that bring home the bacon.

But for a bit of added interest, all 15 tips are taken from the 1914 book by murderer Louis Victor Eytinge, Writing Business Letters That Get the Business.

While the sentences have been chopped and reordered to fit the format, every single one of the tips is in Eytinge’s own words. Hell, we’ve even left the American spelling in place. Let’s hope it gets US clients reaching for their checkbooks.

Whether the ad wins us any business remains to be seen. But if nothing else, Eytinge’s story is a fascinating one and his techniques could do with a modern audience. Give them a read if you’ve a minute or two to spare.

After all, if he managed to write his way out of prison, just imagine what his insights could do for your business.

You can download a copy of How to create sales letters that sell here.

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