Hello, I’m Ben Locker

I’m a copywriter. Since 2006 I’ve written for over 300 businesses. Along the way, I co-founded The Professional Copywriters’ Network — the UK’s top professional association for my trade. In 2015, Direct Marketing Association research named me as ‘one of the copywriters who copywriters rate’.

I write no-nonsense copy
for businesses…

…and I do on-the-button copywriting for the public sector and charities too. Do you need copy about software, accountancy, law, food, marketing, property, health or engineering? Or something completely different? I can write about almost anything you throw at me. Except fashion. I really don’t like writing about fashion.

I write for BIG names and growinG ones

If you work for a blue chip, my copy is high achieving and on-brand. If you’re a small business, I’ll help you grow. Big or small, I work for companies I like and sectors that interest me. That’s why you’ll always get the very best copy I can write, fresh from my desk in Colchester.

Clients love what I write

And they come back again and again. I get their assignments right, quickly – and get the results they’re after. I can do the same for you.

“Ben has a God-given talent in writing exactly what it is that people want to read and in a way that makes them want to. He removes the overly clever, contrived phrasing which is inherent in so much of today’s business language and replaces it with plain English which imparts the real message.”

I write in every medium
and in any style

Online, offline, on walls, on paper. I’ll write in any medium that you need, in the tone-of-voice that works best.

  • Online copywriting
    Websites. Emails. Inbound Marketing. Landing pages. Auto-responders. White Papers. You name it – I’m a digital native and I’m as comfortable with code as I am with words.
  • Offline copywriting
    Brochures. Print ads. Posters. Exhibitions. Feature articles. Flyers. Internal communications. Magazines. If you want to print it, I can write it. Well.
  • Oh… and I make the complex simple
    I’m a clear and punchy writer, but I’ve got a good, analytical mind that was knocked into shape at St Andrews University. I can help you make the complex simple, without dumbing it down.

Let’s work together

Hiring me as your new copywriter couldn’t be easier. Simply press the button below to get in touch. Better copywriting could be coming your way very soon…