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PCN Conference Flashbacks

Some flashbacks, thoughts and copy recycling inspired by the tweets and speakers at the Professional Copywriters’ Network Conference.

Strachey by Beerbohm

“That very beautiful medium, the English Language”

“The English language, being part Latin, part Saxon, is, in my rough insular opinion, an even finer medium than the French one. Latin is, one might say, its bony structure, Saxon its flesh and blood.”

#PCN2013 - for copywriters, marketers and smart businesses

The speakers at #pcn2013 are top-flight, and they're not just talking about how to hone your copy techniques — they're revealing how they win business for their...
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Podcast: How to write your way to freedom

Listen to a podcast of my talk about Louis Victor Eytinge, the original killer copywriter - who wrote his way to...
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Does ‘misery make for better copy’?

Montherlant once wrote 'happiness writes white'. And miserable novels certainly fly off the shelves. But does injecting misery into business copywriting get the cash register...
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‘All new goods, nothing stale or shop worn’ — a copy tip from 1916

Sales Promotion by Mail

If you've ever had to read turgid and boring business copy about a company's top people and its history, this blog post is dedicated to...
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16th May 2012

I’m bored OF pedantry

There's an inviolable rule about writing letters that criticise another person's grammar — you'll make a hash of your own in the process. Try...

26th February 2012

“How long have I been looking at this baby?” A tip for business owners

An simple tip to help you check your sense of scale hasn't gone off kilter — and what to do if it...

21st February 2012

Individual products and the product range

In part 6 of our guide to writing product descriptions, we look at the difference between writing a description for an individual product and a...

20th February 2012

Bookshelf – the book

It's important to choose your words (and your wordsmiths) carefully, but for many of us there is actually no more vital an issue than where...

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